Q: Why is the graphics so poor?

A: We consider gameplay to be a much higher priority than graphics. Unlike the trend with modern games where 95 % of the game budget goes to the designers, we place 95 % into the gameplay. Everybody can't afford to purchase the newest hardware twice a year just to play games. By removing the eye candy we let people with older hardware enjoy the game.

Q: You just said that people with older hardware can enjoy the game but on my computer the gameplay isn't smooth, why?

A: Wheels On Fire uses advanced physics simulation which make heavy use of the CPU. Older CPU's can't handle the amount of calculations required. That is something we can't do anything about, and we don't plan to either. We said that the graphics was poor not that Wheels On Fire could be enjoyed on a slow CPU.

Q: I have a firewall and I need to open ports for Wheels On Fire to work. What ports does Wheels On Fire use?

A: Open port 26666 and port 1900 for TCP and you should be fine.

Q: When I click on Direct Host in full screen mode, the game ceases to respond. What's happening? Also pressing ALT+TAB or any other key combination that switches back to windows causes the game to exit. Why?

A: The reason why Wheels On Fire stops responding when Direct Hosting in full screen can be because your firewall is asking you if you should allow Wheels On Fire to access the internet. Running the game in windowed mode first to enable Wheels On Fire to access the internet or manually configure your firewall to allow Wheels On Fire will fix the problem. Switching back to Windows in full screen is not supported.

Q: When will new patches, cars, course and weapons be released?

A: We are working as much as we can to be able to release new features. It is hard to tell how frequent the updates will be. But we will release them as soon as they are completed and tested.

Q: I lost my key, can it be emailed to me?

A: No, we don't supply the keys so we can't send them to you. Make sure you keep the key in other places than on your computer. We will never ask for your key. Don't give out your key to anybody!

Q: Why is this game so cheap?

A: We only provide the software with limited support. That is why we can keep the costs down.

Q: Why is this game so expensive?

A: We don't consider it to be expensive. Developing games isn't free.

Q: I have a really nice feature I would like to add. How can I contact you?

A: You can't at the moment. We don't have the time or the money to read mails. But keep the idea and perhaps in the future we have the time to answer mails. You can however e-mail support@wheelsonfire.com to report a bug or to contact technical support.

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