• Real time physics
  • 8 player multiplayer support using TCP/IP.
  • Customizable cars.
  • The full version will ship with
    o 4cars, more will be added.
    o 3 courses, more will be added.
    o 3 weapons, more will be added.
    o 15 engines.
    o 15 tires.
    o 3 extra equipment, more will be added.
    o Full version features are subject to change without notice.
  • 4 different race-modes.
    o Checkpoint race. The goal is to race through each checkpoint in order. The one who finishes first wins.
    o Sumo race. Push your opponents into the water. The player who is left wins.
    o King of the Hill race. Make your way, by any means, to the designated location. Once there you'll have to defend it against your opponents. The player who stands in the designated location when the time runs out wins the race.
    o Collect race. Collect more objects than your opponents to win.

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